Pump Surfboards - The Future Is Now

Pump surfboards was created out of necessity. Surfboards these days can be expensive. We were tired of buying brand new boards that cost us a lot of money, only have them break, ding, dent and fall apart after only a couple of weeks.

Surfboard manufacturers have been using the same construction for over 60 years. Traditional surfboards ride well but they ding, dent and break way too easily. The new moulded epoxy popout boards are stronger but just don’t have the same ‘feel’ as riding a traditional board. We knew there had to be a way to achieve strength, feel and performance, so we set out to create it.


2 Revolutionary New Surfboard Technologies
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Put simply, our brand new technologies provides you with a stronger, more
durable board, whilst maintaining the performance, flex pattern, look and
feel of a traditional hand-shaped board.

Welcome to the future of surfboards…

We put 5 of the World´s leading surfboard constructions to the test. See who came out on top! 

Pump Surfboards

Try new tricks, surf the 'no-surfing' beaches,
and enjoy the extra comfort and safety
of a SoftPRO board. No wax needed!!


is ideal for more advanced surfers looking for a light weight and hi-performance shortboard that wont fall apart after a couple of weeks.

Thanks to PC8 tech, we have created a more durable board that still 'looks and feels' exactly like a standard PU/Epoxy board.


perfect board for beginners, out of shape surfers, occasional wave warriors or anyone just wanting to catch more waves, have more fun and have their board last longer!


is made from 100% recyclable materials and is one of, if not the, most environmentally friendly surfboards available today, whilst still being durable and affordable.


The BullDozer model has been designed to cater for the bigger surfer, or those wanting a little extra flotation and paddle power, while still enjoying a shortboard outline.

The Air Raid

features a flat entry rocker for extra speed and is ideal for grommets and hi-performance moves on small days. Expect less dings and a longer lasting board thanks to our PC8 tech.


was specifically designed for learners and those who need a bit of extra help when catching waves and standing up. The durability and ding resistance of the PC8 tech makes this board ideal for surf schools and rentals.